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Talk about the installation of light partition board connected with difficulty the causes and Solutions

Release Date : 2014-11-28 09:41:39   Click : 1190

Light partition board because it is wet production utilization of phosphogypsum harmless treatment, do not need to undertake dehydration and drying process for phosphorus gypsum, so do not need to invest in expensive equipment, it can be said of lightweight partition board technology has opened a new chapter of comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, and has outstanding significance in environmental protection.

Light partition board at the time of installation, is a piece of a piece, when in use are spliced, so in the splicing of lightweight partition board is to master certain skills, to avoid the plate connection is not tight, and understand the causes of this problem is what, can we find the effective the solution.

Since it is a mosaic will definitely have a gap, but the edge of the sheet is compromised when transportation or construction, must be rough is not straight, so that the constructed wall gap may be greater, so as the partition board is the need to seal, in lath length production error, beam, column bottom surface height template error, both the upper and lower joint generally in the range of 3-8cm, the gap between available cement mortar and plate head, bricks and other hard objects filled, but not allowed to maintain and beam vibration compaction 1cm sedimentation gap, by the beams under the shade horn mortar for plastering plate compaction into garden splay shape, and other decorative surface treatment with elastic emulsion made into elastic mortar putty will void and shade horn filled fully padded scraping, can ensure the longitudinal crack of not more than 5%. The two board joint cement mortar to be full of squeezing, excess mortar extrusion timely scraped, plate edge adjusting treatment tank must be processing together joint in cement mortar, dry after plastering wall.