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Construction details of lightweight partition board matters needing attention

Release Date : 2014-12-02 10:03:32   Click : 1292

The main points of construction of lightweight partition board, sheet transportation and storage should be side. To prevent the dumping of the board should be smashed, the lower ends of wood liner. Where the protruding wall, ground floor, the bottom surface of the mortar, concrete blocks, miscellaneous PL must be removed and clean; ash sundry roof, floor will be pre installed on the partition plate parts clean. According to the principle of classifying the line: according to the requirements of the drawings, the line of control in the line of position roof, bottom and edge pop-up partition board. Below we introduce, lightweight partition board construction before the deal with partition board of examination.

The installation of partition board prior to partition board for check, where the dimension exceeds the allowable deviation or have serious defects of nonconforming product shall not be used. Partition plate top and two enterprises mouth, with polymer mortar adhesive PU coating, from the beginning of a head (if any of the doors and the Windows partition, opening doors and windows from two sides start), the plate is erected, the following alignment with a crowbar in the bottom of the ink line in the upper end plate of the top tight, the upper and lower line of position alignment and the edges of the plate bottom plate tightly knead crowded, then insert wedge wedge, with supporting board leveling for vertical, then install the second plates, the two board joint squeezing, and the extruded adhesive scraping, by the ruler to check, make the plate are vertical, with two groups of wedge plate bottom plug in prison.

Partition installed after passing the examination, in the bottom seam with C20 fine stone concrete dense packing, plate bottom seams should be controlled within 3~5cm, to be fine stone concrete water three days later, the withdrawal of wedge, and use the same label fine stone concrete will leave hole plug tightly wedge. Seam processing: plane joint - when at the bottom of the groove mounting lath coated with polymer mortar packed with seams and scraping, the gap is pasted at the 5cm wide joint belt, after drying the groove scraping putty; be dry with I type rubber paste glass with a layer of 10cm wide band. Seam angle: at the corner of EC polymer mortar brushing glue, paste 20cm wide glass fiber cloth, dry after use putty scraping. Hydropower specialty must cooperate closely with the partition plate installed, hydropower buried pipe should be laid on the partition board is installed, the board if need opening should be in the plate installed before using electric drill, shall not be arbitrarily chisel and the size of the hole should not be greater than 80mm*80mm, plumbing parts suspension must be fixed in the lath embedded iron parts (the iron should be made in processing when ordering), and each suspension point weight not greater than 80kg. Electrical connection box, socket around the application of type II cement adhesive glue, the surface should be flat and the partition board; lightweight partition board construction after installation, filled with concrete.