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Select the Obon building material reason

Release Date : 2014-12-09 12:18:06   Click : 1153

 Zhejiang Aobang building materials limited company is the "main wall material of Shanghai State Building Materials Technology Group established in East China production base, the company is located in Jiashan County of Zhejiang province Wei Tong industrial area, the environment elegant, convenient transportation, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters, total investment Sanqian million yuan, annual production of" Shanghai state "brandlight composite energy saving wallboard about 2000000 squaremeters.

Fujian Province, Shanghai State Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. is a R & D building materials, production machinery and equipment and providing the market with science and technology enterprises promote finished wall materials and application oftechnology, the company is committed to using science to create sustainable solutions, make the production of building materials,the application of more standardization, automation, environmental protection and energy saving.

Dry operation of lightweight partition board can adopt screw, sawing and drilling and so on manual operation, lightweight partition board in cutting process is also very simple, device is also very quick and convenient, it is a lightweight partition board advantage, quality firstlightweight partition board is light, sound insulation effect and heat insulating and fireproof effect is also very strong, significantly more than the national standard provisions of the quasi, and many of the standard enhanced, so to speak, of lightweight partition board isfestival wallboard industry leader.

Lightweight partition board in load reduction extent to about half the percentage also partial on the left and right column and foundation,the entire cost calculation to cut out is very terrible, not only the construction speed greatly improved. This is not a simple, butexponentially fast, so light partition plate can be said to be partition board is very good.

The company respected "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and to the "integrity, win-win" business philosophy tocreate, new enterprise management mode and perfect product R & D and production technology, excellent product quality, thoughtfulproduct application service for the survival of the fundamental,active innovation, upgrade technology, optimization of wall solutionsto offer more value and benefits to the customers.