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Light partition board and other new building materials should bring forth the new through the old

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 "Qin Han watt brick" in has thousands of years of history in China,never overnight to highlight the line of sight of people, however,due to the many hazards of solid clay brick, has been banned the use of national policy, can be said to be dragged into the building materials of the black list, when old is not environmentally friendlyproducts are gradually eliminated new environmental protection,green building materials market will be bound to cause aconcussion, in recent years, the influence of the national industrialorientation and people's consumption concept transformation of positive factors, appears green building materials market in our country and the vigorous development of the situation, but this does not mean that every enterprise can sleep without any anxiety.Production of new wall materials in China is still emerging industry,its maturity, standardization, order are to be improved, the enterprise must always keep an eye on the forefront of the development of new wall materials, in order to adapt to the change of market demand.

Since the fiery sales of existing products, why the rush to replace with a new product? According to the briefing, "the new wall material" itself is a constantly updating the concept of development.For example, clay brick compared with the traditional craftproduction, can save land resources, reduce emissions belong to the list of new wall materials. The new wall material has the distinction, in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, has the advantages of light weight, strong noise resistance ability, heat preservation and good characteristics, sothe most market competitive advantage. Then, the guiding role of government is critical, need the wall changed administrative departments in the strict implementation of the "cut" "limit the stick"policy at the same time, advance planning, promoting policies formore high-grade wall extension to create a better market environment.

Long to look, new wall material enterprises should face up to thesetbacks and difficulties in the development, and actively seeksolutions, but also to have a long-term perspective, pay attention tothe new product development and brand building, link importanceof technical innovation and product promotion, marketing and after-sales service etc.. It is reported that, in order to accelerate the development of new wall materials industry in our city expansion,city wall changes and bulk do will continue to improve the access threshold for the industry, to strengthen quality management of the existing wall material enterprises at the same time, focus on the scale of the business guidance and support, and guide enterprises to launch into the market prospect is good, high technology content of the products the development of products, energy consumption,emission reduction, the establishment of healthy competitionbetween enterprises as soon as possible system to guide andnurture a group of advanced ideas, grow in size enterprises will gradually good, our city new wall materials industry into the track of healthy development.