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Family decoration cannot do without the wall

Release Date : 2014-12-16 09:33:57   Click : 2149

 A new house to buy, decoration is the primary task, believe thatspent a lot of thought bought any room for the renovation of this thing, must consider the appearance, must consider the economic and practical, consider green health, must consider the securityfirm blandishments, incredulous decoration company, but he has todo, because of the lack of experience to himself do be scorched by the flames, which is It's only human. Especially the electric spark,more intensive kitchen particularly worrying can't load, if there areserious consequences, today, Shanghai state building materials forhome decoration move you, the hope can help you busy. Shanghai state building materials survey found that lightweight partition boardto do the kitchen kitchen partition can improve the safety coefficient and the heat insulation sound insulation effect.

Kitchen use effect is good or bad, depends entirely on the material purchase, the use of lightweight partition board Hubang production do kitchen walls have a three benefits.

One, home more quiet

The kitchen is home more prone to noise. Noise, so it is particularly important. This produced in the cooking time of the noise is notnoisy fried to the library and read a book, or a bedroom family.While the lightweight partition board is made from plant fibercoupled with mixed group of fly ash, cement pressure and become,sound insulation effect is good, can achieve the 42d sound effect,is generally not up to the wall, so the use of lightweight partition board to do the kitchen wall will make the family more quiet.

Two, the home more disaster prevention

In recent years the residents of high-rise fire ignition occurred frequently come mostly from the kitchen, which many owners in thepurchase did not dare to buy high floor, facing the present fire performance of high-rise building is generally not bad, it is not difficult to make some people there will be such a bad idea. TheNational Fire Department fire performance test Shanghai state of lightweight partition board is in the high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius for 4 hours does not burn, which belongs to thenational class a fire building materials. Therefore, in the kitchen wallor other indoor partition selection of the lightweight partition board,fire safety will be greatly increased by one grade.

Three, the home more environmentally friendly

Current market and production by using some of the wall materialsand chemical principle is too much, which makes the wall easily emit harmful gases, and the kitchen is most close to where we live,therefore cannot careless. Shanghai state of lightweight partition board is the use of plant fiber, fly ash and cement processing, both sides stamped with the calcium silicate board pressing it, without any chemical method, so when in use without any other volatile.