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Brief introduction of construction technology of lightweight wall panels

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 Lightweight wall panel construction:

Selection, plate: plate materials, varieties must be approved by theowner, Supervision approval, plate specifications, lengthdetermination and storey height, the connection position,connecting method and sequence of construction related.

Two, the transportation and stacking plate: plate due to the thinner,are usually bundled package and transportation; the site shall be piled up side, may be flat, yard wallboard should be solid, flat, dry,shall not be in direct contact with the ground.

Three, light wallboard mounting are adopted when mixed with 107 adhesive bonding mortar or repair mortar, mix according to the site conditions determined by the test.

Four, installation points:

1, light wallboard installation order: when there is a door opening,from the door openings to both ends, when no door opening, be sequentially from one end to the other end of the mounting. Wall panels can be installed in the ground before construction, but also can be installed on the ground after construction.

2, according to the requirements of design drawings, first in thefloor slab (beam) at the bottom and on the ground floor play wallline of position.

3, stand by the temporary timber placed panels, temporary timberpoints on the timber and timber. Direct pressure line above the topof upper structure formed in the bottom surface of wood from the floor below the ground, about 100mm, about 1.5m between upper and lower square every supporting timbers, and with a wedgebetween wood and timber below will support wedge. Support afterthe temporary wooden square, you can install the partition board.

4, light wallboard, lower connection adopts the rigid connection,namely the plate and the upper end of the bottom surface of the upper structure of bonding mortar for bonding, with the lower part of wedge top tight after the gap filled between fine stone concrete,its installation steps are as follows:

Before the installation of A. panels, the first bonding surface use wire brush to remove grease and slag.

B. is coated with a layer of about 3mm thick adhesive, and then theplate in a predetermined position, with the crowbar will plate skid,the top plate and the bottom surface of the upper structure are the main structure; and one side of the plate or install another panelstick well, and in the plate with a wedge wedge, the withdrawal of a crowbar. Board is fixed.

C. uses 107 plastic cement mortar, 107 glue dosage should be appropriate, in order to facilitate the operation is accurate, easy to flow too thin, too thick is scraping difficult, easy to produce the"liquid" phenomenon.

D. plate and the plate between Pinfeng, be covered with adhesive mortar, stitching to the extrusion mortar is appropriate, slit widthshall be not more than 5mm, extruded mortar should be promptly cleaned up.

E. panel fixed, in plate packing 1:2 cement mortar or fine stone concrete, such as the use of preservative treated wood after, the board under the wedge can not removed; if without the use ofpreservative treatment of wood, mortar or fine stone concretesolidification to be stuffed with certain strength, should be removedwith a wooden wedge. 1:2 cement mortar or fine stone concreteblock strict wedge hole.

Need to pay attention to the installation of 5, light wallboard:

A. windows and doors of the wall, are generally taken after themouth, the rest of the maximum amount of not more than 10mm, the smaller the better.

B. partition board in principle not transverse slot embedded wire pipe, vertical alignment, slot depth diameter shall be not more than 25mm.

Install the C. each wallboard, should adopt the inspection on footperpendicular to the wall and the flatness.

6, light wallboard installation quality requirements: metope verticalallowable deviation for 4mm, surface flatness tolerance for 4mm,door and window frame margin of + 5mm.