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Some applications of lightweight partition board in the furniture.

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 Separation of lightweight partition board cabinets cabinetsdo not use the size of the indoor space is useful to stopthese cupboards, the range is able to change residence, thelayout will attack changes, then increase the residenceinterior space variability, wine or bar. As the kitchen andrestaurant and living room distance, new period, with the breath.

The desks and chairs in restaurants and other publicbuildings, common group settled chairs and tables, and the use of the back rest of the seat that besieged space is independent will, card similar to the train, furniture typestructure and construction of distance and usually furnitureis roughly same, shelf bracket. Layer by layer shelf and composition of columns as supporting member of shelving,under the locker, appears lightsome special Bogut frame typefurniture distance, with elegant, simple, novel style,should pay attention to the possibility of possibility, the flexible combination of storage substance in the versatilityand standardized, mass consumption. Partition plate from theheight direction of cupboards to identify scope, in order tostore goods classification; from long and wide scale to each other in order to be able to reconcile, single-sided,double-sided storage and storage used to settle the demandaspect.