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Identification of partition board.

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 Sincerely welcome you to join our Zhejiang Aobang building materials limited company, the full affirmation and support on behalf of the Zhejiang Aobang building materials limited company to thank colleagues of our development "Shanghai state" brand light composite energy-saving wall materials and supporting the production of machinery and equipment and other products to give!Here this building materials to teach you how to identify the partition plate

Identification of partition board.

A partition board, according to different raw materials can be roughly divided into three kinds:

(1) the GRC partition board, is the main raw material for decreasingsulfur aluminium sulphate cement, coal ash and slag, ceramsite,perlite, alkali Mesh or steel net;

(2) the extrusion of cement partition wall board, the main raw material is the ordinary cement, coal ash and slag, just washed;

(3) high strength cement wall board, the main raw material is magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide, commonly known asmagnesite, alkali mesh.

Two, the production process

(1) GRC is a steel plate as the mold, die casting by vertical;

(2) extrusion partition board is through mechanical equipment, so that after the mixture material molding out from the mold opening,placed in a relatively flat surface, smooth, side bend;

(3) high strength cement wall board through two kinds of chemical reaction material changes, horizontal molding in the mold, athickness difference of each plate.

Three, the cost of raw materials

(1) the GRC cost of the highest, the main raw material of cementfrom Hebei to Tangshan (a polar bear, six nine group), because of belonging to the special cement, and the transportation cost per ton of cement and other reasons, than the local ordinary cementexpensive 150-200 yuan.

(2) the other two partition plate relative to the cost of nearly.

Four, the crack in the wall

(1) the GRC partition board is made of cement, molding, its expansion coefficient and the main structure is similar, almost no deformation.

(2) high strength cement wall board easy to crack, although addingbubbles or high-temperature production process setting, butbecause its characteristics of material itself, determines thechanges in temperature, cracking phenomenon.

To sum up, out of this distinction, from the appearance of the threeplates have obvious difference, also is to visit the generation process, raw material base, see workshop production enterprises,will determine the belong to the kind of products.

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