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Light sound insulation wallboard activity partition

Release Date : 2015-01-19 10:18:52   Click : 1202

 Acid and alkali resistant lightweight sound insulation wallboard strong abrasion proof, corrosion, anti, each hanging wheel is composed of twowheels, with reinforcing steel ring. The work in the orbit, two wheels in the opposite direction change, ensure the stable work, smoothly without noise.Each piece of the distance plate is equipped with one or two hanging wheels,hanging wheel is provided with exquisite bearing, can be in the 90 degrees,180 degrees, 360 degrees and other specific angle smooth turning without asteering device. Sound insulation wallboard through hand makes the elasticdevice in the distance to move up and down, can be separately fixed on every piece of distance, but also in the life each piece of distance are equipped with convenient elasticity and sealing system make the distancequickly and effectively combined into a wall, shaking the rocker can make Aplate up and down around the elastic B plate under the elastic forming aintact the distance from the wall.