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Two review data partition types

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Ordinary clay brick, brick type partition wall with hollow bricks, aerated concrete block,non load bearing wall of glass brick blocks of the building and into the.

Stud type partition wall which is composed of framework and facing layer of lightweight partition. A lath and plaster walls, steel net plastering wall, all kinds of plank partition,Qinggang keel gypsum board partition etc..

Plate type partition plate partitions are also called slab type partition. Partition by lathassembled chunks into. This high compartment wall generally does not use theskeleton, sometimes in order to improve its stability can also be set vertical keel. The partition plate is generally used strip plate is equal to the height of the room, usually divided into composite plate, a single material plate, hollow plate and other types of.There is a common metal sandwich board, gypsum sandwich plate, hollow gypsum board, sandwich plate, reinforced cement polystyrene board (GRC board), aerated concrete board, cement ceramisite board etc.. Plate type partition wall can do theshotcrete, paint, wallpaper and other finishes.

(a) the plate wall plank partition mainly solves the roof fixed and board and the ground floor of the jointed seam processing and structural problems. The plate wall and floorfixed structure for fixing structure partition wall and floor plate floor 1 (1) and the floorplate is directly fixed (straight nail type).

(2) with sheet metal and wood floor can fixed (with cover).

(3) plate fixed with a wedge and floor (wedge type).

(4) coagulation rib and floor fixed with plate (laying type).

2 plate high compartment and the ceiling plate and connected with the roof structure is arranged at the joint of the 365mm * 18mm long wooden guide rail and the partition board upper notch scarf. In addition, you can also mortar caulking, layering or sewingdecorative moldings.

3 plank partition slab joint treatment gap between the plank partition plate and plate can be covered wooden or plastic strip, can also be used as a decorative metal molding oradhesive bonding. Plank partition Banfeng handle structure (two) sandwich plate of steel wire net foam sandwich wallboard partitions (Tai Baiban) has physical propertiesof light weight, high strength, fire prevention, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, insulation and other excellent. It also has good processing performance:easy to cut and splice, either in the factory or at the construction site, can beassembled into the need to design a variety of forms on the wall. Sandwich plate can be arranged in advance in the pipeline, the door window frame and electric equipment,etc., and then wipe (or cement mortar spraying). Sandwich plate sample Thai Baipartition wall board to do, the thickness should be controlled at around 100mm in thefinished wiping mortar. Partition height to 4.5 control in the following. Sandwich board partition must be matched connecting pieces are connected and fixed. When installed,the partition board cut by elastic line position and vertical well, the board and the boardseam with matching hoop code connection, and then wire binding firmly. All seamsbetween the partition board, shall be covered with a note or coupling network. Yin yangangle, the angle of wall and windows and doors, must adopt the reinforcement measures. Yin yang angle with mesh reinforcement, the reinforcement of the doors and the windows with a note.