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Lightweight partition board construction details of the note

Release Date : 2015-03-06 10:08:49   Click : 1222

 Construction of lightweight partition board, the main points of the transport and storage should be side of the plate. Fight dumping smashed, the plate at both ends shall be under the wood liner. Every bulge metope, ground, floor floor mortar, concrete block, pl must remove and clean; Will be pre installed clapboard parts of roof and floor of ash cleaning to clean. According to the principle of step play line: according to the drawing requirements, on the roof, the position of the popup clapboard bottom line and edge point line. Below to introduce for everybody. Lightweight partition board before construction should make inspection for the partition board.

Partition panel before the installation, should check clapboard, the dimensions beyond the allowable deviation or unqualified products have serious defects shall not be used. Partition panel at the top and two tongue-and-groove, shop with polymer mortar adhesive, coating, from a start (if there are Windows and doors hole in the wall, should be started) Windows and doors hole two side, set up the board, the following on the chalk line shaft at the top of the upper plate bottom will be tight, with the top and bottom line of position alignment, edge knead crowded sealed, the bottom of the plate then insert wedge chocking, with leveling for vertical line board, and then install the second board, make the two joints clamping plate, and extrusion of the binder, leveling with guiding rule checking, make board in vertical state, with two groups of wedge plate bottom plug.

Partition installed after inspection qualified, plate bottom seam C20 filling of fine stone concrete close-grained, plate bottom seam should be controlled within 3 ~ 5 cm, with fine stone concrete casting, three days after withdrawal of wedge, and with the label will leave a hole chock plug of fine stone concrete. Plate joint processing: flat seams - when installing the board in the bottom of the groove besmear to brush with polymer mortar full plate seam and leveling, paste in the plate joints seams 5 cm wide, with be bored with child after dry will scrape to evenness grooves; After being dried with type I glue to stick a layer of glass fiber with 10 cm wide. Angle seam: besmear to brush in the corner EC polymer mortar rubber, paste 20 cm wide glass fiber cloth, dry scrape to evenness with putty. Hydropower professional must be in close coordination with the partition board installation, water and electricity of buried pipe installation should be performed after the installation of partition wall board, board face for openings in the bar before installation should use electric drill hole, shall not be arbitrarily pick chisel and the hole size shall not be greater than 80 mm * 80 mm, plumbing pieces hanging must be fixed on the plate embedded iron (the iron to be put forward in the processing of orders), and each hanging point is not more than 80 kg weight. Electrical connection box, socket type II cement adhesive tape around the application, its surface should be with partition board face flat; After the installation of lightweight partition board construction, fill in the concrete.