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The main factors affecting the quality of clapboard

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General use of all kinds of light wallboard, partition board to our building materials innovation and energy conservation, environmental protection has brought many benefits, but there is no denying that at the same time, because most of the wallboard production factory is small, the technology is immature, low management level, has caused some inferior products and cannot be used properly after installation. Zhejiang the state building materials co., LTD. Is a "nation of Shanghai building materials technology group" in east China set up the main wall materials production base, the company is located in jiashan county, zhejiang province wei tong industrial area, the environment elegant, the amphibious transportation is convenient, covers an area of more than twenty thousand square meters, with a total investment of three above ten thousand yuan, annual production of energy-saving "Shanghai state" brand of lightweight composite wallboard of more than 200 square meters. Shanghai building materials technology co., LTD. Is a bond of fujian province in building materials, production machinery and equipment research and development, and provide the market with the finished wall materials and application technology popularization of science and technology enterprises, the company is committed to using science to create sustainable solutions, make building materials production and application more standardization, automation, environmental protection and energy saving.


The influencing factors on the quality of the partition board mainly include the following:


1, selection of raw materials, ratio of raw material composition, quality directly affects the quality of the products. According to technical requirements and characteristics of the product choose qualified raw materials, to improve the quality of raw materials to make the necessary testing before use or trial, and the proportion of test to determine the economic and reasonable.


2, production personnel technical level: GRC lightweight partition board in the production and management of the technical level of determines the product quality and stability, wallboard products in the production process, there are many link need someone to hold and intervention, and therefore experience and sense of responsibility are often play a big role.


3, construction method, construction scheme is reasonable, the operation method is properly will influence


4, production equipment, reliable, mature and stable vibration hydraulic system pressure molding technology and conveying system equipment is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of the product. The choose and buy of equipment should not only consider the cost, more important is the reliability of the production efficiency and operation and maintenance easy. Especially it is important to note that before purchasing the equipment must be carried out on the equipment necessary to run test, not only listen to the introduction of factory and buy blindly.


5, curing condition, some companies ignore the maintenance link in finished product, make the product not appropriate temperature and humidity in storage to reduce the strength of wallboard, cracking or warp.


My company's core competitiveness will always locate in product quality and the innovation of science and technology, with technology leading quality, and stronger brand by quality, to brand, called on the market. In the management and operation way will always adhere to market-oriented, aiming at perfecting standardize market order, to the principle of fair competition and reasonable competition to serve the customers for the purpose, unified brand, unified management, strive to become the domestic biggest and most powerful professional wall materials manufacturers.