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What's the price of lightweight partition board

Release Date : 2015-03-30 09:42:12   Click : 1417

 Lightweight partition board don't know whether you have heard, lightweight partition board is a new type of partition wall material, today let's learn more about the lightweight partition board is and what price of lightweight partition board.

 【 introduction of lightweight partition board]

Company production of "Shanghai state" brand light energy-saving composite wallboard is thin fiber cement calcium silicate board for two panels, light filled with middle core material of a composite bearing plate. , this new type of lightweight partition board products with a solid, lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistant, hang power, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, easy cutting, small weight, sound insulation and heat insulation and so on characteristics, mainly used for, the ledger wall, inner wall and outer wall of building, fire partition, etc., which can effectively reduce wall occupied area, improve the residential utility ratio, reducing load structure, building aseismic ability and safety performance, reduce the comprehensive cost, is the best alternative to traditional solid clay brick.

 Product can be arbitrary slot, dry operation, without the advantages of the batch file, effectively promote the construction industry from the backward wet construction advanced dry construction, realize the residential parts production industrialization, modernization of technical equipment, production of reduced scale, integrated application of promote legalization and construction equipment. The introduction and application of this product production technology, which is a new breakthrough of the reform of wall materials in, technology level in the leading level at home and abroad, the international advanced level. And the partition board low unit cost, benefit is good. No special requirements to plant and environment, in both north and south, and in both indoor and outdoor, as long as can shelter can be as a factory for production. Appearance is no conspicuous place, but it creates profits and value is substantial, can control and management by their own subjective intention, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise investment in production.

 The advantage of lightweight partition board]

 Shanghai state of lightweight composite energy saving wall light weight, its density is only 750-800 kg/m3, the weight of the 75 mm thick wall plate is 60 kg/m2, is 1/6 of brick masonry weight, aerated concrete weight of 1/2, equivalent to 120 mm thick masonry + double plaster wall 1/7 of the weight, thus reducing the construction cost, and increase the usable floor area, construction is simple and convenient, cost is significantly cheaper. Such as the structure design began to consider use of lightweight wall panel, can greatly reduce the cost of structure and foundation, and optimize the beam structure, make indoor whole layout more reasonable, use function is higher, its economic benefit is superior. Shanghai bang lightweight composite energy-saving wall under 1000 ℃ high temperature refractory limit more than 4 hours, and do not diffuse toxic or harmful gases, non-combustible performance meet the national grade A standard. Wall after the installation is complete, has excellent stability and integrity, good fireproof performance, fire and smoke gas can be confined to the fire area, to prevent the fire spreading, block of poisonous gas produced (or the effective isolation), make the staff have enough time to evacuate and fire, avoid major loss of life and property, add a security to your security, is a kind of prevention first, prevention is better than saving theory of fire.

 "Lightweight partition board price"

 Lightweight partition board with some inorganic materials, so the price is cheaper generally, generally calculated on square meter price, the price is in commonly 80 to 100, may have different floating in different areas.

 Zhejiang the state building materials co., LTD. Is a "nation of Shanghai building materials technology group" in east China set up the main wall materials production base, the company is located in jiashan county, zhejiang province wei tong industrial area, the environment elegant, the amphibious transportation is convenient, covers an area of more than twenty thousand square meters, with a total investment of three above ten thousand yuan, annual production of energy-saving "Shanghai state" brand of lightweight composite wallboard of more than 200 square meters.

 Company respect "steadfast, perseverance, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and to start a business philosophy "integrity, win-win", a new pattern of enterprise management, the consummation product research and development and production technology, excellent product quality, and thoughtful product application service fundamental for survival, a positive innovation, improve technology, optimization of wall solutions, to provide customers with higher value and interests.