Product Introduction


The Company produces the “Hubang” brand of non-load-bearing, lightweight, energy-saving composite wall panel consisting of a lightweight core material sandwiched between two surface layers of thin fibre-cement or calcium silicate. The product has a myriad of advantages unmatched by other wall panel materials. These include being solid, lightweight, thin, having high strength, impact resistance, high hanging strength, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fireproofing, waterproofing, and ease of cutting.It is mainly used as separation walls, internal partition walls, external walls or fireproof walls in buildings. It effectively reduces the area occupied by wall structures and thus improves the residential use ratio, reduces structural loads, enhances seismic capability and safety of buildings, and reduces construction cost. It is the best substitute for traditional clay bricks. The product has the characteristics of a convenient construction material that can be slotted easily, deployed in dry process construction, and with no need for plastering. It effectively promotes the progression of the construction industry from the out-of-date wet-process construction to the more advanced dry-process construction. It realises the industrialisation of production of residential building components, modernisation of technologies and equipment, intensification of mass production, legalisation of promotion for its use, and integration of construction processes with equipment. The introduction and application of the production technology for this product constitute a breakthrough in the reformation on wall building materials in China. Having attained an advanced international standard, the product represents a leading technology both domestically and internationally.